Zwickau garbage gate

The Zwickau Garbage Gate represents an intelligent waste management system, which allows sharing the waste fees fairly to the users by using innovative technical capabilities. The existing DIN-compliant waste containers (mainly MGB 1100) are housed and an access control is provided by a gate.

Different types of control are available to gain access to the waste container. This ensures that the households have the option to dispose their waste separated by originator.

The saved costs can be used for financing of the garbage gates on the one hand and to reduce the fees for the users on the other hand. This results in decreasing waste and a financial incentive for more accurate separation of garbage, solid waste and recyclables.

The Zwickau Garbage Gate is suitable for household waste disposal in both - urban and country areas. Optimal is it in combination with additional recycle systems (e.g. the European Green Dot). This will provide the user an easy way for environmentally correct separation and disposal of residual waste and recyclable materials.

The design of the system is developed with durability in mind. For the housing very robust and visual appealing recyclable panels are used.

The power supply is provided via solar panels.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the Zwickau garbage gate

Frequently asked questions and answers about the introduction of garbage gates and lockable enclosures for all types of waste in large residential complexes

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