WESOMA Z396 Golf Putter

The product name WESOMA Z396 emerged from the company name and the first letter of the production plant Zwickau. This name is a byword for quality "made in Germany“. The significantly increased putter head weight of 396 gram sets it apart from conventional putters. This is raising the ball feeling and control. The result is a very quiet drive and precisely targeting is simplified for the player.

A special highlight is the opportunity to engrave the inside of the putter with up to ten characters.

Furthermore, WESOMA is able to edit the bat with a very precise CNC Milling which results in high quality of the material and an excellent workmanship. The so obtained microsection allows a very straight and gentle ball drive because it is put without bumping into a forward motion. A stainless steel putter, manufactured with such a precision provides significant advantages in the terms of gameplay and the often in golf circles discussed ball feeling in comparison to other products which are sometimes made in a simple casting process.

The WESOMA Z396 will satisfiy the ambitious golfer - especially in terms of quality, playability and individuality.

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