Enclosure for consolidated electronic waste container

Broken coffee machine – and now???

At the latest since the electro equipment act’s amendment coming into effect in 2015, the public-service disposal providers are challenged with the task to collect small electrical old appliances from households.

This was the reason for WESOMA to develop a solution on the basis of the product family “Zwickauer Müllschleuse”. Priority had, along with operating safety and the product’s sustainability, a modified price-performance ratio through the use of other materials. Only the roof structure is still made of stainless steel.

The product presented for the first time at the IFAT 2016 received positive feedback as it solves several disposal provider’s tasks. The decentralized collection of small devices, e.g. besides the classical bottle banks, facilitates the reduction of devices disposed in household waste and ensures the recycling of valuable resources.

As always the enclosure’s role and usage are kept simple. It encloses the consolidated container entirely. To remove the container, lid and doors are opened. The interjection slot is located on the roof and locks the access to the container also when open. Therefore a later on access is securely barred.

The utilization concept intends that a container, e.g. MB 1100, with an inserted big-bag is located in the enclosure. It will be removed by the disposal companies when collecting and can be handled with the necessary care as the process continues. This procedure was developed when lithium batteries, which are contained in various devices, were damaged after tilting and tipping and caught fire.

The outside surface’s design of the enclosure is freely selectable. We recommend large-scale stickers with pictograms of the devices that can be disposed of and your company logo/name to you.